Our traditions

The Maremma is the land of ancient traditions and its inhabitants love to remember them with feeling. These traditions are periodically recalled with celebrations, feasts and other folklorist demonstrations. It is the case of the “butteri”, the herdsmen of the Maremma. They are called ‘The Italian cowboys’, perhaps because their herds are wild (or at least they live as wild) or perhaps for the 1890 legendary challenge among the “butteri” of Maremma and the famous Buffalo Bill. Such challenge consisted of succeeding in taming some horses and was won by the “butteri”, according to the Italian, and by the cowboys, according to the Americans. Nowadays these actions are recalled in the demonstration of the “merca” of the cattle that takes place in Alberese in the Natural Park of the Maremma in August , other celebrations linked to the “butteri” are during the whole beautiful season.