Cookery in maremma

Cookery in Maremma, rich in ancient country and sea traditions, preserve still today the taste of dishes whose recipes, handed down by the housekeepers, bring us back of years to a genuineness difficult to find. The simple ingredients, often poor, that the nature has always given to the man, preserve still today the traditional freshness and goodness, constituting the base of a genuine cookery but at the same time rich of inimitable tastes. Ancient dishes like the “tortelli maremmani” with sauce, “acqua cotta”, the “pappardelle” with hare, the “bruschetta”, the “scottiglia” of wild boar, the game and the mushrooms in general, the “cacciucco” cooked in the Maremma way and the other inimitable sea dishes they invite the tourists to venture themselves through unforgettable gastronomic itineraries. The ancient olive-groves, that have given local oils to the populations from the unique taste since the time of the Etruscans, are part of the tradition still today.